‘the moth’ and the egg

Well, this is exciting news here in the realm of Figuring Shit Out. I’m going to be on The Moth! Inside The Egg! Yep. The Moth, for those who don’t know, is a podcast and radio hour devoted to storytelling. The Egg, for those who don’t know, is a wackily-shaped performance venue at Albany’s Empire State Plaza. Whether it actually looks like an egg is open to debate. You can argue about it here, if you like. You can also listen to They Might Be Giants’ marvy song inspired by and devoted to it. See below.

“Lost and Found: The Moth in Albany” will take place at 8 p.m. Saturday, March 22, which I’m just now recognizing as William Shatner’s birthday, and wow, that’s an omen of some kind, right? That must mean something powerfully important, although I can’t imagine what, maybe some harmonic convergence involving orbs of influence and Jupiter in Aries or Uranus whatnot, but only if we all promise to pronounce “Uranus” as “UrANUS.” Or else it means I had such a brain-eating nerdalicious crush on him in 1976 that I memorized his birthday. You think? Is that it? That must be it.

Anyway, so I’ll be telling a story from my forthcoming book, “Figuring Shit Out: Love, Laughter, Suicide and Survival,” which concerns my husband’s suicide and aftermath and is due this fall from Behler Publications.

No word yet on ticket prices and suchlike, but I’ll post an update when I have more info, I promise.

Meanwhile, lend your ear to some “They Might Be Giants” tasty tunefulness. “Permission to land The Egg / Where should I stand? / The Egg, The Egg / No corners for youuuuuuuuu.”

14 thoughts on “‘the moth’ and the egg

  1. I heard you were doing the Moth at the Egg – and that was AFTER I pledged to get tickets from WAMC. If I had known before, I would have pledged SOONER! but HOW FREAKIN COOL is that? It’s like….you’re FAMOUS!! And I live just down the Street! Can I get your autograph now before you become TOO famous?

    From what I hear, it’s a WAMC only event – you can only get tix by pledging to the fund drive…..so there’s a plug for WAMC I guess 🙂

    Anyway, can hardly wait!

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