name my goldfish

Such a sad face.

Such a sad face.

Okay, people. I need a break. Tonight I give you a post that has NOTHING TO DO WITH DEATH, GRIEF and/or SNOT POURING FROM FACIAL ORIFICES.

Instead, I want you to name my fish. This is the ill-appreciated aquatic pet to which I alluded disrespectfully in  last night’s post, which also involved DEATH, GRIEF and/or SNOT POURING FROM FACIAL ORIFICES.

Give me your ideas below. I will consider them harshly, weed them out and boil them down (or employ other such violent gardening and cooking methods) until I have a few worthy finalists. Then I’ll post a poll.

I’ll start you off with my son’s nominee: Jesús.

(I’m not enough of an authority on goldfish sexual characteristics, either primary or secondary, to establish its gender.)

9 thoughts on “name my goldfish

  1. “Tati” is my suggestion. Not necessarily because the goldfish resembles him so much (well, maybe around the eyes a little), but because it’s from the world of cinema, which is the first thing I think of whenever I see your name, and because Tati was such a great observer of life, which is the second thing I think of.

  2. When Syd was three, she was given a Beta and quickly named it Christmas. It was kind of ironic she named it that because it was given to her by a family member that rejects the celebrating of Christmas (well in the commercial sense, anyway)….
    So, I’m not suggesting naming it Christmas; I just thought you would get a kick out of the irony of the name she picked.
    Maybe you could name it “Liv”; short for the way you are living your life well.

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